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    What is a Success Coach?

  • What is Success Coaching?

    Steps Towards Success with a Coach

    Step 1: Connect with a Coach

    Send us an email, give us a call, pay us a visit.

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    Step 2: Make a Plan

    Time management, scheduling, study plans; your coach will help you develop your own plan for success.

    Step 3: Build Momentum

    Sticking to the plan is how real success is built. Check in with your coach regularly. 

    Step 4: Celebrate your Success

    Student success is our mission and we love to celebrate your success with you -- big and small!

    • This Success Coach Wheel will help layout how a Coach will assist you during your time here at NMC.

  • Meet the Success Coaches

    Learn more about our coaches! 

  • How to...

  • Study Smarter, Not Harder: Study Strategies

    Quick Tips from a Success Coach

    • We know no one reads the whole textbook, here are some tips and tricks to get the information you need. 

    • View this quick and easy PowerPoint to help give you some ideas on how to take a break! 

    • Do you feel you may have test anxiety? Visit this helpful guide to give you tips and tricks on how to control test anxiety. 

    • A blank template to help you keep organized! 

    • This tool was created to help you stay organized with your assignments. Use this tool to write down your course name, assignments and due dates! Check them off when you complete each one! 

    • Watch this video to get 5 rules / tips for helping you ace your next multiple choice test! 
    • Find guides to all different subjects! Some of those subjects include, but are not limited to, math history, biology, poetry, and sociology! 

  • Things We've Done

  • Student Testimonials

  • NMC Resources

    • A compiled list of resources you can find here at NMC. All of these resources are free of charge, as each are covered through the tuition you pay! 

  • Community / Online Resources

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